Watching the "second wave of digital transformation" come to life with Microsoft


Watching the "second wave of digital transformation" come to life with Microsoft

In the lead-up to EBAday 2021, Bill Borden, corporate vice president of worldwide financial services at Microsoft, speaks about the state of play across the financial services industry, the “second wave of digital transformation”, the company’s new Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, and the benefits we can expect from this latest initiative.

Responsible Disruption: What Engineers Need to Know about Digital Transformation | ISA Webinar

Here at the International Society of Automation (ISA), we hear all the time from engineers that digital transformation is overwhelming. Maybe you feel like you are already behind! Or if you do feel personally up to speed, then you worry that your company seems not yet ready to catch up to the advances currently in play in the most innovative operational settings.

This webinar aims to demystify digital transformation and will give you some actionable takeaways that will help add value and grow your career.

Steve Mustard (Former ISA President), President & CEO, National Automation, Inc.
Dave Lafferty, President, Scientific Technical Services
Scott Sommer, Department Manager, Instrumentation & Control, DPS Group Global

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Discover a better way to work with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 works for you, helping you build momentum from that first spark to the big reveal. It’s where you find focus, purpose, and meaning in the everyday. Simply put, it’s a better way to work.

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Why you should embrace Digital Transformation

Learn more about what Digital Transformation is and how Microsoft can help you transform your organization with digital solutions that can help you engage your customers, empower your employees, optimize your operations, and transform your products and services.

The Second Wave of Digital Transformation

Today almost every company is a tech company. And as we predicted in our 2013 book B4B, tech companies have been in a race to maximize recurring revenue and get better connected to their products. Those efforts, combined with classic IT activities like moving workloads to the cloud and automating daily activities via new apps, constituted the first wave of digital transformation (DT). But even after a decade, most companies are still not done. They have spent millions, still have lots of work to do and many feel unfulfilled by the results.

And now a second wave of DT is emerging. This new wave promises to force successful companies into some uncomfortable places as customers change which suppliers they prefer and why. As a result, TSIA believes two new pursuits will dominate the management focus of B2B companies for the next decade:

Complexity to Simplicity
Mastering Value Realization

The journey from complexity to simplicity is often talked about but rarely achieved in traditional B2B. With the exception of startups with a narrow product focus, B2B companies were always thought to be inherently complex with no realistic path to a simple, digital customer experience. That’s not only going to prove to be untrue, becoming super-easy to work with and offering instant time to value are going to become major market share determinants in almost every sector of the economy. They will cause a complete re-engineering/simplification of how companies operate across the customer lifecycle – from sales to service to finance.

As we move closer to the customer via our connected products we are also amassing more and better data about the business benefits of our solutions. Armed with better analytics capabilities and broader data sets we are not only going to be able to track customer value, we are going to use ML and AI to advance it. If companies cannot perform either of those functions they will fall onto the pile of highly commoditized “tools”. The same pile of “tools” that are exhausting internal IT organizations, frustrating CFOs, and overwhelming users. Tomorrow’s successful companies will stand out from the pile by not only tracking value but setting market segment or individual customer pricing based on it.

In this session, we will review where most B4B companies are today and where we are going next with our technology-driven business models. We will reveal the main areas that companies are under-achieving their potential and how they must think differently in order to master the Second Wave of Digital Transformation. Don’t miss this chance to get ahead of your peers and help lead your company through this exciting time!