Increasing the up-take of Instant Payments across Europe


Increasing the up-take of Instant Payments across Europe

Cristina Astore, SIA’s Northwest Europe and DACH Region Sales Director, speaks to FinextraTV in the lead up to EBAday 2021, about the Instant Payments rollout and the complexity of implementing the infrastructures. We hear about what can be done to further increase their take-up across Europe, how the industry can innovate and create new services and benefits, and whether we are truly experiencing…

The World in 2020 – Payments in Europe and Eurasia: instant payments

This year’s edition of the Digital and Card Payment Statistics Yearbooks is the first in which we fully map the impact from the launch of instant payments across Europe. In just under two years, 56 countries have rolled out instant payments, and it’s clear to see that that real-time payments are already transforming consumer payment habits, and by extension, bank and payment provider strategies. How?

Alexander Rolfe is the Managing Director of Payments Cards and Mobile (PCM) and the publisher of the Digital and Card Payment Statistics Yearbooks and Payments Cards and Mobile.

Victoria Conroy is the Editor of the Digital and Card Payment Statistics Yearbooks and a financial technology and payments journalist who has covered the payments sector for over 15 years. She has contributed to several publications and reports covering FinTech innovations, and has worked with clients including Barclays, Mastercard, Visa and ICBC to produce research on payment trends worldwide.

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme

This short video highlights the benefits and key characteristics of the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme. Launched in November 2017, this scheme allows the transfer of money in Europe, up to 100,000 euro, to another account in less than 10 seconds, 24/7/365. It marks a further step in European payments integration, and has the potential to deeply change European payments habits.

Instant Payments In Europe Thanks To XRP

Instant Payments In Europe Thanks To XRP

EU Finance podcast – Episode 6 – The one about Instant Payments

Instant coffee, instant oatmeal, instant mashed potatoes, instant gratification. We want it all, and we want it now. So, we’re going to talk about instant payments.

On 26 October 2022, the European Commission put forward a legislative proposal on establishing instant payments. Wait, what?

Don’t we already have that? Your host, Aidas Palubinskas, who knows just enough to get himself into trouble, talks with Eric Ducoulombier, the European Commission’s head for retail finance.

They talk about the EU nudging the retail payments industry on instant payments and what benefits accrue to EU citizens and business, as well as how it’s going to help with Russia sanctions.