Driving Payments Modernisation through SWIFT

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Driving Payments Modernisation through SWIFT

Jeffrey Edison, Global Solutions Lead, Banking & Shriyanka Hore, Global Product Strategy Payments at Oracle Financial Services talk about how cross-border payments is undergoing a massive transformation globally whilst SWIFT drives a broader payments modernisation strategy. They discuss whether payments modernisation should drive organisational and cultural change alongside a system overhaul and w…

Payments – Modernizing for the New Normal

Hear about Temenos’ view on what payment modernization holds in store for the industry and what banks need to do to thrive in this changing world. Learn how Celent sees the accelerating rate of change in the industry.

[20] How Does SWIFT Work?

Ever wondered how does the SWIFT money transfer work? Here is a small brief explanation on how SWIFT moves money. The answer may surprise you.

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What is the SWIFT payment system?

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the EU and the US announced measures to block selected Russian banks from the SWIFT payments system. What is SWIFT? Watch this report to know more about it.


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Understanding ISO 20022 and its Structure | Cards and Payments Part -17 | MX Series | SWIFT

#ISO20022 #SWIFT #payments #MTSeries #MXSeries #CardsandPayments

Hi All,

In this video we will do a deep dive on ISO20022 SWIFT messaging Standard for Cross Border Payments . We covered Cross Border Payments in the last video and this video is a further extension to it . It talks about the need of ISO 20022 and how its formed and also a comparison with the existing MT Series .

Since this covers end to end explanation the video is around 45 minutes. Therefore , if you wish to skip to a particular section you can use
This timeline index . That said, if you are new to this topic then I will strongly recommend you to see the entire video for maximum effectiveness and understanding.


Introduction : 00:00:00
Why is ISO 20022 needed? : 00:01:53
Does Everyone need to Migrate to ISO 20022 : 00:10:34
Structuring of a Simple ISO 20022 Format Credit Transfer Message : 00:16:11
Comparison between MT and MX Series Flow : 00:36:50
Comparison between MT and MX Series Structure : 00:40:56

Next up , we will be focussing a bit more on these areas and I will be making more videos on these topics . Do leave a comment and let me know what did you think about this video , feedback and any queries that you may have

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* https://www.iso20022.org/sites/default/files/2022-02/introtoiso20022.pdf
* https://www.swift.com/standards/iso-20022/iso-20022-programme
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASN.1