Cloud adoption, into production


Cloud adoption, into production

Tim Bull, Solution Director, Rackspace, speaks to FinextraTV about cloud adoption, some of the challenges the industry has learnt from in 2019, how these challnges can be overcome by the banks, what opportunities we can expect to see in 2020 and how banks can move into production.

What is PaaS in Cloud Computing? #Shorts

In this video I have explained what is PaaS which is Platform as a Service in short along with a simple example.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) in Cloud Computing full lecture:


This Cloud Computing Full Course has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand basic concepts related to Cloud Computing. This course will give you enough understanding on Cloud Computing concepts from which you can gain your expertise in the cloud career.


Before proceeding with this course, you should have basic knowledge of Computers, Internet, Database and Networking concepts. These concepts will help you in understanding the Cloud Computing knowledge and excel on the learning track.

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What is Google Cloud Adoption Framework | A Detailed Guide by Whizlabs

Moving to the cloud has several advantages for organizations like you don’t need to buy a physical server, enables remote working, scalable, and is cost-efficient.

The Google Cloud Adoption Framework evaluates where you are in your path to the cloud computing world and strategies to get you there. It is built on the rubric of individuals, systems, and technologies that you can work with to make the whole process seamless. It provides you with a framework to utilize as the cornerstone for your transition to the cloud.

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Efficiently manage your cloud operations using Cloud Adoption Framework

Brian Blanchard joins Sarah Lean to discuss how you can efficiently manage your cloud operations using the Cloud Adoption Framework.

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�� Cloud Adoption Framework Manage methodology

0:00 Introduction
1:00 How are cloud operations different from traditional and familiar IT ops?
2:23 What is the CCoE, and how does it fit in?
4:36 Can you share a customer story about cloud operations?
6:12 Is there a set pattern for when a company wants to start cloud operations?
6:57 What are the business criteria to help define business commitments?
8:24 What is the actual goal of setting the operations baseline?
9:13 Can you tell us more about what the operations baseline looks like?
10:04 How do you handle workloads that require a higher SLA?
10:46 If you need to improve operations for every workload, what are the options for customers?
12:15 How would you improve platform-specific operations, like SQL?
13:17 In terms of the operations baseline, are there scenarios when you have to exceed the MVP?
14:36 Are there specialized workloads that require exceeding the extended baseline?
15:32 Where can our customers go to get started?

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Cloud Adoption in Manufacturing

We speak with Epicor’s Regional Vice President for AU/NZ Greg O’Loan.

Epicor recently acquired price quote (CPQ) and visualisation software provider KBMax and we’ll take a look at Australia’s accelerated use of tech in manufacturing and how it affects supply changes.

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