Appetite growing for embedded finance in mobility sector – Solaris


Appetite growing for embedded finance in mobility sector – Solaris

Research conducted by Solaris and the Handelsblatt Research Institute explores how embedded finance opportunities are opening up in the European mobility sector.

Pylarinou. On Embedded Finance

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Open API-driven Embedded Finance by Lentra

Financial revolution is here to re-innovate the banking sector leveraging contemporary technologies. The financial industry is turning towards embedded banking and services to reach customers at grass root levels with technology at core.
Lentra is exploring the space of fintech and financial services on a large scale streamlining the use of financial products for its consumers and businesses.Our mission is to fuel the new-age lending ambitions of customers across the globe through digital transformation and the creation of a powerful digital ecosystem.
In this video, Lentra is helping visualise how lenders can capture new audiences by prompting loan opportunities in popular marketplaces. Lentra uses open APIs to seamlessly connect financial products and operational processes in such a way that the user never has to leave the platform.
Our ML-powered integration can also instantly connect with a variety of other channels including customer dial-up services, call recording, prospecting and more, accessible via the same platform. The APIs can quickly be exposed to existing retail relationships to enable valuable data transfer and cross-selling.
Pre-integration offers complete control and choice over assets you want to underwrite and facilitates every kind of transaction and variation.
With Lentra’s BREx and GoGetr products, achieve immediate assessment of high risk retail borrowers. No matter where your lead originates, our highly customisable embedded solutions give you the power to service clients instantly and tie up with any kind of lending partnership with barely any human intervention.
Explore all of Lentra’s Open API-driven Lending solutions at

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Embedded Finance : What is embedded finance?

Embedded Finance : What is embedded finance?

In this video, I have told about embedded finance and what is embedded finance in detail.

What is embedded finance? It’s the act of providing a financial service based on relationships, such as those established between rideshare companies and car service providers. It seems obvious that insurance companies and banks would be interested in this type of financing, as it provides a way for them to provide insurance to their clients in a flexible and convenient manner. However, this type of financing doesn’t only benefit insurance and banking customers, but also other industries. Companies such as ride-share companies, independent contractors, and even celebrities have been known to use such forms of funding to achieve personal or business objectives.

The first major benefit of embedded finance comes from its convenience. When it is used to provide financial solutions to consumers, such as insurance, it is able to provide more efficient service than traditional methods. With traditional financing methods, consumers may experience delays when they need to make larger payment plans or request small amounts of money. This can be especially frustrating for people who are struggling to make ends meet, or simply do not have the extra funds to meet their needs.

Another benefit comes from the new revenue streams that can be created through the use of this technology. The use of an app will allow users to pay later through their mobile devices. This is beneficial as the app can take consumers directly to their bank or lending institution to complete their loan process. This eliminates the need to go through the traditional channels, which can lead to unnecessary delays in the lending process. It also allows consumers to get the money sooner than they would with a traditional lending app.

An additional benefit is that the speed of approval is faster. Traditional finance institutions often take weeks or even months to approve loans and pay later fees on a loan or line of credit. The new revenue streams created by an app can make these processes more streamlined and can help consumers get the money they need in a timely manner. In addition to faster approvals, consumers can also save money on the payments they need to make. When using an app for financial services, consumers can set up automatic payments through their mobile devices.

Some consumers may be hesitant about switching to an app for their financial needs, because they may think they have to change their entire lifestyle to take advantage of this new technology. However, the payments will still be the same as they would be if you were to complete traditional banking services. Consumers will just be using their devices to take money out and transfer it to a bank account. The fact that the payments will be automatically deducted from their bank accounts makes this type of financing even easier to manage than traditional banking services.

With this new technology, consumers can enjoy a new level of flexibility and convenience when it comes to making payments and managing their finances. In addition to streamlined payments and convenience for consumers, banks are beginning to reap the benefits of this type of technology as well. In order to continue to gain market share and increase profitability, it makes sense to offer consumers this type of flexible financial service.

To know in detail Embedded Finance and What is embedded finance you have to watch this video till the end without skipping.

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